What We Do

Our team of volunteers, organized into two dental clinic teams and a roving fluoride team, arrives on a Sunday. Each clinic team transforms an empty schoolroom into a multi-chair dental clinic. By Monday morning, a long line of excited school children weaves down the hallway, and our teams work diligently over the next few days to serve them all before moving the clinic to another school where hundreds more children and their parents eagerly await.

We visit the same schools each year, ensuring that children receive continuity of care and true preventive oral health. We also build trusting relationships with the school teachers and staff. Teaching and training teachers and parents continues to be an essential goal that will sustain our work. As teachers take over this work, we are expanding into more rural schools.

Our engineers keep the clinic running smoothly in grass roots, less-than-optimal, conditions while at the same time work to improve community problems such as access to clean water and solar energy.


Services We Provide


Education: We teach dental hygiene and good eating habits to the children and their families and give teachers materials to continue this important effort throughout the school year. Our hands-on curriculum – songs, demonstrations and games – engage the children and leave them with lasting impressions.

Fluoride for all: We apply preventive fluoride treatments to all school children and train and equip teachers to continue this important preventive care after we leave.

Preventive sealants: We provide dental sealants to all children who have their permanent molars to prevent decay and preserve their teeth.

Urgent care: Our triage team identifies children with serious decay and abscesses. Our dental team provides treatment that can prevent life-threatening health problems. When necessary, we do fillings and extractions.